CApIL Certified Applied Innovation Leader™

How it works

CApIL Certified Applied Innovation Leader™ is a certificate of excellence, earned through a theory-based and practical program with an examination by the world-leading Innovation Management Consultancy firm Innovation360. The certificate is recognized as one of the most comprehensive certificates in the industry.

After the program, you will earn a validated digital certificate to be shared and added to your social media accounts, e-mail signature, personal web page, and CV, validating your knowledge and expertise in Innovation Leadership and Management, including creativity, ideation, selection, development, commercialization, ISO 56000, scenario planning and strategy for innovation.

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10 reasons to do the CApIL Certified Applied Innovation Leader™:

CApIL Certified Applied Innovation Leader™ certificate is recognized as one of the most comprehensive certificates in the industry, delivered by the thought leader and global consulting company Innovation 360 Group and its partners.

It is a program where you will meet peers on your level in an international and diverse cohort, all programs are locally adopted and also given in a variety of languages.

All tutors and accreditors are active Innovation consultants working with top international clients.

Guest lectures are included in the program and include some of the most admired thought leaders in the industry.

You will participate in a program that not only broadens your personal skills but adds real value to your organization through the proposed block work approach, - rather than just achieving a personal certificate by completing exams and online work.

You will be introduced to market-leading online tools for innovation management – that add rigor, decrease time and ensure you can deliver on your innovation vision.

You will learn what you need to about ISO 56000 (Innovation Management), Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Ideation, and how to really create sustainable value in your organization.

With 360° data from +5,000 organizations in 105 countries, you gain access to the largest set of innovation management data in the World.

We deliver a 100% high-class online experience with the best technology and online tutors trained in accordance with our international protocol of online deliveries.

You will receive a digitally verified certificate to be shared on social media, on your website, and in your e-mail signature.

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